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We add FUNCTION only where it PAYS dividends.

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FoodIDenticsTM is a cloud based WMS product using lot numbers and serialization to manage inventory and provide fast and efficient product recall when product liability issues arise.
FoodIDenticsTMbar code labels product (catch weight/net weight) during the receiving and production process, does rule based product put-away, fills orders, ships and tracks product into your customer’s hands. RFID at the pallet, case and each level is our next enhancement. Our ultimate goal in every project is synchronize supply, demand and inventory using standards from GS1, GS1 Synchronization, Lean Principles and Process Analysis.

Efficient operations is where the margin comes from and every dollar saved goes right to the bottom line.

Contact us to discover where the ROI dollars are generated and how quickly they are returned once the investment is made. FoodIDentics will positively effect shareholder value by impacting revenue, operating costs, working capital and assets.

This website may be the path or direction to increased operating margin and/or market share.

The potential for operating cost reductions through the use of (FoodIDentics) is considerable. A large proportion of costs in a typical business are driven by logistics practices. Savings in transportation costs, warehousing costs, lot quantity costs (the costs associated with purchasing and processing in different lot sizes) and the non-cost of money components of inventory carrying costs (as a result of inventory reductions) all represent opportunities for increased net operating profit after taxes.

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